Content Prompts for Coaches: Energy Type Edition

Soul-Aligned Content Prompts for Coaches

June 6, 2023

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Let’s be real, creating content to promote your coaching business can feel like a full-time job.

But when it’s done right, content can be the bread and butter of your business growth, the thing that magnetizes your soulmate clients and leads to new inquiries regularly.

One of my favorite hacks to make content creation easier, faster, and more fun is using content prompts that are aligned with your specific energetic design and biggest gifts. Which is exactly what this post is all about.

Scroll down to find your Energy Type and unlock three specific, actionable content prompts to use in your coaching biz. 👇

(Don’t know your Human Design Energy Type? Click here to get your BodyGraph chart!)

Content Prompts for Coaches based on your Human Design Energy Type

Soul-Aligned Content Prompts for Coaches

Content Prompts for Manifestor Coaches

1️⃣ Share a controversial opinion about your industry and then back up your stance. Don’t sugarcoat it! Tell it like it is #sorrynotsorry.

2️⃣ Where are your people dimming their light? Why? Create a fiery post to help them reconnect to their power. Then tell them how they can work with you to deepen that connection.

3️⃣ Break the ice with 3-5 unexpected personal facts that nobody would guess about you. What would surprise your community to learn about you?

Content Prompts for Generator Coaches

1️⃣ Take your audience behind the scenes of your work. What do you do, why do you love it, and what does your day-to-day look like?

2️⃣ Share a step-by-step process that helps your soulmate client get a simple ‘win’. Take them from step A → Z.

3️⃣ Flaunt your street cred! What led you to become a coach in your field? Share your credentials, experience, and schooling (even if it’s from the “school of life”). What’s made you a master of your craft?

Content Prompts for Manifesting Generator Coaches

1️⃣ As an industry leader, what do you stand for, and what do you not stand for? Make a list of your principles.

2️⃣ Share some of your recent passions that are unrelated to your niche/business. What do you like about them and why? How do these things make you a better coach?

3️⃣ What should be a yes vs. what should be a no for your audience? Where are they wasting their time and energy, and where should they redirect it instead?

Content Prompts for Projector Coaches

1️⃣ Speak directly to your person: What do you see and know to be true about them? What’s the path they’re here to walk, and how can you support and guide them along that path?

2️⃣ Share 3 wisdoms about your industry. Things you’ve learned the hard way, seen a lot of your clients experience, or simply know in your soul to be true.

3️⃣ Share a system, process, or hack to help your soulmate client achieve one of their immediate goals in a more efficient way.

Content Prompts for Reflector Coaches

1️⃣ What’s out of balance in your industry? Highlight the shifts that need to happen to create more justice, harmony, and equality. (Remember: you don’t always need to give the ‘how’. Simply pointing out the imbalances is plenty).

2️⃣ Bring people together with a “virtual mixer” — a place or piece of content where your audience can introduce themselves and connect with other like-minded people.

3️⃣ Think of a recent client of yours. What was the missing puzzle piece for them? What did you tell them that blew their mind? Share it in a post.

Want even more prompts based on your Human Design? Click here to grab your party gift and then check out the Magnetic Content Blueprint.

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