Your Biggest Superpowers as a Generator Coach

Your biggest superpowers as a Generator coach

July 20, 2023

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 Let’s talk about your superpowers as a Generator coach. This is the next installment in our series on your biggest superpowers based on your Human Design Energy Type. This post is for you if you’re a Generator coach. Let’s go! 👇

Your Biggest Superpowers as a Generator Coach

Your Superpowers as a Generator Coach

1. Creativity + building new things

Generators are called the “great builders” of the Energy Types. As a Generator, you’re here to bring new things to life. You are naturally creative and you have the energy and endurance to build something from start to finish.

This is a big gift when building your coaching business, as you can be a prolific creator on your chosen content marketing platforms (email, social media, a blog, etc.). You can also help your clients map out the new things they want to create in their own lives, and take action to make them happen.

2. Mastery and refinement of skills

As a Generator, you go through an ongoing process of learning, practicing, and refining your skills. This applies both to your skills as a coach and also to whatever industry you’re in. So for example, if you’re a health coach, you are able to really master your knowledge and skills in the health and wellness industry.

No other Energy Type achieves mastery quite the same way you do. You become a true expert of your craft, and you inspire your clients to achieve the same level of mastery in their own lives.

3. Methodical nature

You love a great step-by-step process or system. You like to lay out the steps and then work diligently from step one, to step two, to three, all the way to ten—thus completing whatever project or task you’re working on.

This is a big gift as an entrepreneur, because it allows you to see a task through to the end and develop effective systems in your business. You can also share your step-by-step processes with your clients and even help them create their own.

However, sometimes you might find that you start to lose a little bit of steam as you’re working through a set of steps. They call this the Generator “plateau” in Human Design. So if you ever reach a point where you feel like your energy just isn’t there anymore, this isn’t always a sign to give up. A lot of the time it just means you need to check back in with your Sacral Center.

As a Generator, your Sacral Center is your life-force. The yes/no responses you get in your gut (aka your Sacral) are what turn on your power and energy. So if you find yourself plateau-ing, you may need to go back to whatever it was that initially gave you that “Yes!” feeling in your gut. Chances are, as long as it’s still aligned for you, you’ll get the “Yes!” feeling again and be re-energized.

4. High level of energy + endurance

Generators are the worker bees of the world. However, this does not mean you have to work at a 9 to 5 job; you can definitely work for yourself. However, you are one of the only Energy Types (along with Mani-Gens) that can energetically sustain a 40-hour work week.

Anyone with an undefined Sacral Center—so Projectors, Manifestors, or Reflectors—can’t do that. So this is a huge gift that you have. Specially, as a Generator coach, you might be able to facilitate a lot of coaching calls with your clients in a single day. You might be able to do back-to-back calls.

You may be able to work with a lot of clients at one time because you have the energy to be working often. As long as (and this is the most important point), you’re doing what you love. If you’re working at a dead end corporate job that you absolutely hate, your energy is not going to be there.

5. Your presence energizes others

Ever wonder why you’re called a “Generator”? It’s because your aura naturally energizes other people. You literally generate energy from within, and you can share that energy with people around you. specifically with people who don’t have a defined Sacral Center like you.

When you’re doing things you love—things that light you up, things that are a “Yes!” in your gut—you generate energy that other people can pick up on and utilize. Specifically, people who don’t have a defined Sacral Center like you do.

6. Warm, welcoming, magnetic energy

This is the nature of your aura as a Generator. You have a very open, inviting, welcoming aura. And because of that, you draw or “magnetize” things to you all the time. Your aura is constantly drawing in experiences, people, opportunities, objects, conversations, anything and everything. And you then get to respond to each of those things with your Sacral yes/no response.

If something is a “Yes!”, you are meant to pursue it. If not, let it go.

There you go, my Generator friend! Those are six of your biggest superpowers as a Generator coach. Click the links below to check out the other posts in this series:

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