Your Biggest Superpowers as a Projector Coach

Biggest Superpowers as a Projector

July 20, 2023

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Wondering what your biggest superpowers as a Projector coach are?

Projectors are natural guides with deep insights and wisdom to share. When you embrace your innate gifts, energy, and purpose as a Projector, growing your coaching business suddenly feels more fun and flowy.

What are your biggest strengths? Here are 6 of your superpowers as a Projector coach.

Your Biggest Superpowers as a Projector Coach - Soul & Sage

Your Superpowers as a Projector Coach

1. Ability to see and understand your clients deeply

You are somebody who just knows things about other people. You truly see your clients, and you might even understand them more deeply than they understand themselves.

Projectors have what’s called a “penetrating” aura in Human Design, where you really see right into the core of a person. You might not be able to explain how you know things about your client, but you just know them. You know what they struggle with, what they’re feeling or thinking, who they are and who they want to become.

2. Recognizing your client’s gifts

This is definitely something that comes very naturally to me personally as a Projector. I love being able to look at my friends and clients and see what makes them so special, unique, and magical. It’s really natural for me to point out those things to other people — when invited to do so, of course, because projectors are meant to wait to be invited before sharing their insights and advice with other people.

3. Managing + directing other people’s energy

Not only do you recognize other people’s gifts, but you also know how people can utilize their gifts and energy most efficiently. For this reason, Projectors make really great team leaders, managers, and project managers. They know how to put people in the right roles to maximize their gifts.

My dad is a Projector, and he’s also a project manager. He’s been in that role for many, many years in the engineering industry. I think it comes really naturally to him to say, “Okay, this person is really great at this thing. So I’m going to make them do that role, or I’m going to assign this project or task to them”. And so on and so on, until everybody’s in the perfect role for them and the project gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This is a huge gift when you’re coaching your clients. You know not just what their biggest gifts are, but you can guide them in maximizing and capitalizing on those gifts. And then they make progress towards their goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

4. Productivity + Time Management

As a Projector, you’re productive, efficient, and you have great time management skills. This isn’t something you have to work on or learn from someone else, it likely just comes naturally to you.

A Personal Example…

As a Projector I’ve created all these systems in my business and life to save time. For example, about a year ago I was getting really annoyed that every single week I had to sit down and make a meal plan from scratch, and then make a grocery list and order groceries. It felt like it was taking more time than I wanted it to, and I was doing essentially the same steps every time.

So I sat down and thought, “How can I make this easier? How can I get this done faster and make it more efficient?” What I ended up doing is creating a master list of dinner recipes that we like and eat often, and then a master list of groceries we order regularly. Then I made a meal plan template where I can write down each family member’s lunches, breakfasts, etc.

I also found a local grocery store that I can order online from, and they have a section on their website where it shows me my most purchased items in the past. So I can go in there and literally just tick tick, tick, tick, tick — because we get a lot of the same things every week.

Nowadays it probably takes me 10-15 minutes/week to do the entire meal plan, grocery list, and place the order. Which is much faster and less frustrating than it used to be. Now, this example obviously isn’t related to the coaching industry (unless you’re a health or nutrition coach) but I’m sure you can think of specific examples in your own business/niche where you’ve created systems to be more productive or efficient. Can you share those with your clients?

5. Seeing the Bigger Picture

Projectors always make me think of a wise owl sitting up in a tree, looking down on everything. That’s the viewpoint Projectors have. Instead of being on ground level or down in the trenches, you’re able to pull back and see the bigger picture.

Let’s say you’re a business coach like me. You’re able to step back and look at your client’s entire business, not just one piece at a time. You look at the entire ecosystem and how everything fits together. And because you’re not down in the trenches like your client is, you can give them the exact advice and guidance they need. You can show where they need to shift things, what changes to make, or suggest strategies that might work for them based on the overall picture instead of each tiny piece.

6. Sensitivity to Your Client’s Energies

The Projector’s aura is penetrating. It essentially goes right into other people. And as a Projector, you’re absorbing energy from people around you all the time. As you experience their energy, you get a lot of insights about people. You understand how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, who they are, based on what you “taste” in their energy.

Now, we all absorb and amplify energy from other people in different ways, through our undefined Energy Centers, Gates, and Channels. For example, in my chart, I have seven undefined Centers out of nine. This means there are seven specific areas where I absorb and amplify energy from the people around me.

A Personal Example

As one example, I have an undefined Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus governs emotions, emotional energy, moods, passions, desire. So when I’m near somebody who has a defined Solar Plexus, like my daughter, I pick up on her emotional energy. And not only do I pick up on it, I amplify it! So if she’s frustrated, I feel that frustration amplified in my body (although of course, I don’t have to act on it).

Depending on where you have openness in your Design, you’re going to pick up on different kinds of energy from other people. And this is a gift, because it helps you understand the people around you and experience what they’re feeling and thinking.

However, it also requires having strong energetic boundaries. You have to learn to recognize which energies are yours, and which you’re picking up from other people. I also recommend having rituals or practices to release any not-self energies you absorb from others. One thing that works well for me is water rituals, like taking a bath or shower, or going for a walk by the beach.

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