Great news, friend:

Human Design is the coaching secret weapon you’ve been searching for.

Think of HD as your cheat sheet for coaching your clients in the most impactful way, resulting in swoon-worthy client transformations, raving fans, and a waitlist of people who can't wait to work with you.

a little about me...

In true Projector fashion, I’ve been obsessed with understanding other people for as long as I can remember.

Discovering Human Design felt like finding the world's greatest treasure map; a map filled with clues that led you deep down to the root and soul of a person. Their strengths, challenges, the way they’re designed to move through life… it’s all laid out there for you to see, if only you knew how to decrypt and piece together the clues. I've dedicated years to deciphering the HD "treasure map", and now I help soulful coaches and course creators bring the magic of Human Design to their clients and communities—all as part of my grander mission to make Human Design the world's go-to resource for self-love, awareness, and understanding.

my r.F.O.b. (really freaking official bio)

Krista Dickson is the founder of Soul & Sage, where she helps online coaches market their businesses and coach their clients more effectively using Human Design. She’s a toddler mom, a 4/1 Projector, and a huge fan of Harry Potter fan-fiction.


that might just surprise you


In my mid-twenties, I bought and lived in a 24-foot RV while travelling across Canada.


I was a HUGE nerd in high school (as my bundle of Top Student awards can attest to).


I once spent an afternoon in Tijuana—margaritas and street churros included.


I went 12 whole weeks without knowing I was pregnant with my daughter. #quellesurprise

Get to know me avec...


my human design

4/1 self-projected Projector

celeb i'd love to meet

Keanu Reeves

Guilty pleasure

Dramione fan-fiction

most-watched movie

Prisoner of Azkaban

my astrology

Cancer ☀️ Aquarius 🌙 Libra Rising

my hogwarts house


party trick

My toes are double-jointed 🙃

usually craving

Chocolate. Always chocolate.

fave netflix category

Sci-Fi Action Movies

top of my bucket list

Writing a best-selling novel

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