"oh, you're looking for a coach? —

You HAVE to work with (your name here).

"She's incredible. Seriously. Let me give you her email..."

^ Imagine having not just one, but dozens of your past clients telling everyone they know about you.

Because duh, you changed their lives—the least they can do is send more business your way! 😉

If you ask me, that sounds like a recipe for reaching the oh-so-coveted “FBO” status (Fully. Booked. Out. — Yes please!)

but right now, "fbo" feels like a far-off fantasy.

And yea, it's frustrating.

Because the thing is, you’ve earned your stripes. You’re an amazing coach. But new clients aren’t exactly flocking to your "Work With Me" page.

You love what you do. And you’re really good at it. But still, it feels like something's missing.

You dream of becoming the go-to coach in your industry.

➡️ The one whose clients have the most incredible transformation stories and are literal superfans that read/purchase/love everything she does.

The secret to becoming *her*? (Lean in real close…)

Two words for ya:
Human. Design.

Yep, it’s a hot topic right now, and it’s not going anywhere. ('Cuz it's not just the latest fad!)

It’s a revolutionary tool for self-love, understanding, and awareness that's about to change the freaking world.

And the best part? When used with your clients, Human Design helps you:

... Coach each client in the most effective + impactful way
... So your clients get amazing results, faster + more easily

... and YOU become their coaching Fairy Godmother ;)

so that your business looks like this:

Superfan Clients

You're the coach whose clients resign to work with her over and over again because their lives have been forever transformed by the work you do.

Organic Growth

You're the coach whose business grows almost effortlessly through word-of-mouth and referrals, the most powerful form of marketing there is.

F.B.O. Status

You're the coach who is always Fully Booked Out (with an eager waitlist!) because you're the absolute best in your industry, and nobody else compares.

Human Design = your shortcut to becoming *that* coach

But hold up, Houston.

We have a problem.

Human Design is like, MEGA confusing.

I mean, just look at this chart!! WTF is that?!

Trust me, I had this exact same 'dub-tee-eff' moment the first time I saw my Human Design chart and it completely put me off.

In fact, I was "HD Curious" for two years before I finally committed to learning the system—and from there, it took another two years before I felt confident in my understanding.

I know you don't have 2 years to spare, which is why I created... ⬇️

The One-of-a-Kind Program:

Human Design for Coaches

The only Human Design education program created specifically and exclusively for online coaches — so you get everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

With six deep-dive modules teaching you the HD system AND how to use each tool to coach your clients more effectively...

You’ll be on your way to *that* coach status in no time. ;)

Yup, i need this!

'cuz ya, you can try to learn hd on your own.

But how’s that going?

Piecing together something as complex, intricate, and VAST as Human Design from a bunch of random podcast episodes and google searches is next to impossible.

You need to see the ENTIRE system all laid out together to really “get” it. And you won't get that from a blog post.

This is what Human Design for Coaches is all about!

Not only will you walk away understanding each piece of the HD system and how they all fit together…

You’ll also know exactly how to USE each Human Design tool to coach your clients more effectively and powerfully, based on their unique energetic design. Need I say more?

Here's how the program shakes out...

Module One: Foundations

Introduction to the Human Design System

We'll start by exploring the origins of Human Design and its four composite modalities. You'll get a detailed breakdown of the BodyGraph — how it's created, what each piece is, and how to determine your client's Type, Authority, and Profile just by looking at their BodyGraph. You'll also get a full glossary of Human Design lingo—but in layman's terms so it actually makes sense.

This module is your "What, Why, & How" of Human Design.

bonus: my top (free!) bodygraph tools

Module Two:
Energy Centers

(The part most people don't talk about)

Most programs will teach you about Energy Types first, but there's a specific reason I prefer to start with the Energy Centers: Understanding the Energy Centers leads to a much deeper understanding of Energy Types (and Authorities) in later modules.

In Module 2, we'll look at all nine Energy Centers, the types of energies governed by each, and what you can learn about your client from their defined vs. undefined Centers.

You'll get instant insights into the areas your clients are prone to being conditioned by other people, their energetic strengths, and the types of energy they can consistently rely on (for example: physical energy, willpower, and mental processing).

bonus: 12-page "coaching the centers" guide

Module Three: Energy Types

Your clients' gifts, challenges, + purpose

Now that you have a solid understanding of the nine Energy Centers, we're ready to look at the five Energy Types!

Energy Type is usually the topic your clients will know a bit about if they've begun exploring their Design. As a coach, understanding each client's Energy Type clues you into their biggest gifts, strengths, potential challenges to navigate, societal conditioning, and the role they're here to play in the collective.

In addition to powerful coaching suggestions for each Energy Type, you'll also learn each Type's unique emotional cues that signal when your client is in or out of alignment. 

Module Four:

Guiding your clients to their goals with ease

Ready to help your clients get what they want, faster and with more ease? That's the magic of HD Strategy. In this module, you'll learn the Strategy for each Energy Type—aka how each Type is designed to move through life, interact with other people, and exchange their skills, knowledge, and energy with the world.

Strategy is an incredibly powerful tool for helping your clients:

Manifest their dreams and desires
Improve their relationships
Enhance their job or career
Meet less resistance in their lives

Module Five: Authority

Your clients' unique decision-making process

Each of your clients has an inner compass that will guide them toward their desires and help them fulfill their purpose in life. This is their "Authority", their unique superpower when it comes to making aligned decisions that will move them forward.

In Module 5, you'll learn about the seven different Authorities, how to determine someone's Authority by looking at their BodyGraph, and finally, how to help your client access their Authority, learn to trust and follow it, and ultimately, become comfortable relying on their unique form of intuition so they always make the correct and aligned decision for them. 

Module Six:
The 12 Profiles

Your clients' learning style + archetypes

Profile is one of the most overlooked and underrated tools in all of Human Design. It also happens to be one of my favorites, because the insights are tangible and immediately practical.

By the end of this module, you'll be able to look at each of your client's Profiles and automatically know how they learn best, how they're meant to share their gifts and knowledge with the world, and the energetic archetypes they're embodying in this lifetime. You'll also get specific suggestions on how to tailor your coaching sessions to each client based on their Profile.

+ quick reference pdf of the 12 profiles

karen curry

“Human Design is not
about changing yourself...
It gives you a new perspective so you
can see the
and magnificence of who you really are.”
It gives you a new perspective so you                            

Or you could join Human Design for Coaches and get everything you need, in one convenient place...

What's the investment?

Well, you could spend another two... three... four years trying to learn Human Design from random podcast episodes and articles...

Or you could enroll in a Human Design Reader Certification Program—which'll run you upwards of $2,000+—but then you’d have to sift through the enormous amount of content and try to extract the pieces that are actually relevant to you as a coach.

all for less than the cost of a dyson airwrap 😉

At this point you're probs wondering:

Enroll Today + Get Instant Access to the Entire Program!

Join Human Design for Coaches for just $697 or 3 x $233

yes, i'm so ready!

Risk-Free Enrollment

Our 90-Day “Love It Or We'll Refund It” Happiness Guarantee

I am so proud of this program and confident you’ll love it.

However, if for any reason it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request and receive a full refund within 90 days of purchasing.

Simply email our team at: support@soulandsage.co with your refund request and we’ll process the return of your enrollment fee within 48 hours or less.

meet your teacher

I'm Krista, a 4/1 Projector and Human Design Educator.

Inside HDfC, I’m bringing together my knowledge as a Human Design Reader and my 7+ years of experience as an online business mentor and educator. The result? Everything you need (with nothing that you don’t) to understand the Human Design system and use it to revolutionize your coaching skills so you can become *that* coach.

Are you and HDfC a match-made-in-heaven?

 You + HDfC = ❤️ 4eva

  • Parenting, family, or relationships
  • Health, wellness, or fitness
  • Love, dating, or romance
  • Manifestation, energetics, or spirituality
  • Life purpose or personal development
  • Business, sales, or marketing
  • Career development 

... and you want to make a lasting impact on your clients, then yes!

Well, if you’re an online coach in an industry like...

  • Parenting, family, or relationships
  • Health, wellness, or fitness
  • Love, dating, or romance
  • Manifestation, energetics, or spirituality
  • Life purpose or personal development
  • Business, sales, or marketing
  • Career development 

... and you want to make a lasting impact on your clients, then yes!

Do you offer refunds? What's your policy?

I'm proud to offer a 90-Day Happiness Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the program, you can request a full refund within 90 days of purchasing. Full details can be found here.

When will I get access to the course materials?

Instantly! As soon as you enroll, you'll receive an email with the link to setup your student account. Once you've chosen a password, you'll get instant access to all six course modules.

Is this for me if I want to exclusively offer Readings?

If you want to become a Human Design Reader and offer Readings as your main form of income, I would suggest finding and joining a Reader Certification program instead.


The F.A.Q.



Is this a Human Design Certification program?

No. Certification programs are incredibly lengthy, pricier, and cover way more than you need to know to effectively use Human Design with your coaching clients.

aka: all the things you're probs wondering right now

No! Whether you're brand new to Human Design or you've been exploring your own design for years, this program will meet you exactly where you're at.

Will I need to purchase extra tools or books?

Nope. The chart generating tool I recommend is free, and you won't need to purchase textbooks or books of any kind. All you need is a phone or laptop with an internet connection.




Do I need to have prior HD knowledge?

And it's time to become an even better one.

Yes, you’re a great coach.

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yes, i'm ready to be *that* coach!

Join Human Design for Coaches and let me help you infuse HD into your work to revolutionize your coaching and facilitate miracle-style results for your clients.

Save yourself the hair-pulling frustration of trying to piece together your HD knowledge from random resources online...

Everything you need to know is waiting for you inside Human Design for Coaches!

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