Human Design Education for Online Coaches

Ready to use Human Design to make your coaching sessions more personalized, powerful, and profitable?

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You're ready to offer a more personalized and impactful experience for your clients, and you know Human Design is the missing piece of the puzzle. I'll help you learn, integrate, and apply Human Design to your coaching biz with confidence.

Human Design Education for Online Coaches

Human Design changed your life.

It showed you that your "flaws" were actually your biggest strengths.
It made you feel seen and it gave you permission to be YOU.

And now you want to share the magic of Human Design with your clients, too.

There's just *one* little problem...

Human Design is NOT some super simple, learn it in a weekend kinda thing.

You've been piecing together information from a million different places, but you're more confused and overwhelmed than when you started.

You just want someone to teach you Human Design in a clear, practical, easy to understand way.

(Is that so much to ask for?!)

good news, friend:

Making Human Design simple and actionable is kiiinda my thing. ;)

I know you don't have years to spend sifting through blog posts and podcast episodes trying to bootstrap your HD knowledge together. And I know you aren't looking for general information about the Energy Types—you want real-life tools that you can actually use to better understand, support, and guide your clients.

Not only will I help you learn the entire HD system inside and out, but I'll also show you how to apply it to your specific niche, clients, and offers.

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Join the only HD training program created exclusively for online coaches who want to use Human Design to make their work more personalized and impactful.

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Let's team up to bring Human Design to your clients, students, or community with a completely customized guest expert training created by yours truly.

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Use Human Design to create content that captivates, connects, and converts into dreamy clients sliding into your DMs asking how they can work with you.

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Finally, we'll sprinkle the magic of Human Design onto every facet of your business as you use your new knowledge and skills to elevate your coaching containers, amplify your marketing efforts, and revolutionize your client sessions.



Next it's time to embody, experiment, and integrate your new knowledge. By the end of this phase, you'll not only understand each and every piece of the HD puzzle but also be able to interpret charts in a holistic and impactful way.



First we'll dive into the nitty-gritty details as you learn each and every piece of the Human Design puzzle: Energy Types, Centers, Gates, Channels—we'll explore them all with plenty of real-life examples so you can see every concept in action.

Here’s How You’ll Master Human Design with My 3-Phase System

Meet Your Teacher, Krista Dickson:
4/1 Projector and Human Design Reader

I help coaches like you learn Human Design in a holistic and practical way.

I've been teaching online since before IG Stories were invented (#prehistoric) and after serving more than 10,000 students, I've become known for my ability to make complex concepts—like Human Design—feel simple and uncomplicated.

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More Personalized

You'll be able to confidently tailor your coaching to each client's natural gifts, challenges, and how they're meant to operate, based on their unique energetic blueprint.

More Powerful

You'll become known as the coach whose support goes deeper than any other coach in the industry, and whose clients always experience the most profound transformations.

More Profitable

And finally, all of your clients will happily re-sign to work with you and send everyone they know your way. You'll be well-known, well-loved, and well paid for your life-changing work.

Together, we’ll use Human Design to make your coaching:

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“I just adore Krista’s energy and approach. The way she teaches makes a complicated system feel less complicated!”

miana M.

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