How I Optimized My Business Based on my Human Design

Case Study: How I Optimize my Business with Human Design

June 2, 2023

Hey! I’m Krista.
Human Design Reader, Harry Potter fan-fic lover, and 4/1 Projector who's obsessed with helping you make your coaching more powerful, personalized, and profitable.
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Who doesn’t love a good case study? I know I do! And today I thought I’d share one of my own with you.

Specifically, how I infuse my Human Design into the way I run, build, and monetize my business.

I firmly believe that Human Design is the secret to growing your online business with more ease, flow, and fun—and with less frustration, anger, bitterness, or disappointment (the Not-Self themes of the four Energy Types).

Want to peek behind the scenes of Soul & Sage and see how my Human Design informs the way I run and grow my business? Have a look at my BodyGraph chart below for starters, and then keep reading for eight specific and practical examples of how I infuse my Human Design into my business.

1. My Energy Type: Projector

As a Projector who often has a limited supply of creative and physical energy, I choose to focus on going deep rather than wide in my business. For example, I’d rather have 2 or 3 incredible offers vs. trying to pour myself into 10 different things all at once (hello, burnout).

When creating content, my goal is to help my ideal client feel seen, recognized, and heard. This is one of my biggest natural strengths as a Projector. For a tangible example of how I do this, check out this post on my Instagram.

I also prefer to work shorter days whenever possible, usually just 1-2 hours/day. Projectors with their undefined Sacral Center aren’t designed for a 40-hour work week. We thrive when we work 3 or fewer hours per day while using the rest of our time and energy for play, study, and rest.

2. With a 4 in My Profile: Opportunist Archetype

Relationships, networking, and building and nurturing my community are top-priority tasks for me. With a 4 in my Profile, these things come naturally and feel fun to me.

I find that if I don’t feel connected to my community, my business doesn’t feel as enjoyable anymore. I really love bringing like-minded people together any way I can, whether that’s inside one of my programs or masterminds, at a free event, or through connecting people one-on-one in a shared DM.

I’m also a big fan of affiliate programs and marketing, both my own affiliate program and the ones I’m a part of as an affiliate. Although affiliate marketing is a great strategy for just about every entrepreneur, it’s especially aligned and impactful if you have a 4 in your Human Design Profile.

3. With a 1 in My Profile: Investigator Archetype

With a 1 in my Profile, I learn best through reading, studying, and investigating the things I feel curious about—whether that’s a new business strategy, sales psychology, an area of Human Design I want to explore more deeply or anything else that piques my interest. You’ll pretty much always find me with my nose in a book or studying for one of the multiple online courses I’m taking.

It’s also really important for me to build a strong, solid foundation of knowledge on a certain topic before I start teaching or sharing it with my audience. This foundation helps me feel secure in my gifts and the wisdom I share, which leads to more confidence and natural magnetism.

4. With Self-Projected Authority

With this type of Authority (aka my inner decision-making compass), I’ve come to learn that the answers I need are always within me. The best way for me to make important decisions is to talk about them with a trusted sounding board (generally this is my partner, Scott) until I reach a sudden moment of clarity and know what I need to do. For this reason, I don’t generally ask for advice from other people. I also do my best to avoid using my mind or “logic” to make decisions, rather relying on my heart and inner truth.

Psst. Click here to learn about all seven Human Design Authorities and how to use Authority as a coaching tool.

5. With Defined Channel 7-31: The Alpha

This is the only Channel I have defined in my entire BodyGraph, so it’s one of my most consistent energies and gifts. As it sounds, this Channel is all about leadership—for better or for worse.

Nowadays I recognize leadership as one of my biggest natural strengths, although it wasn’t always this way. I resisted stepping into leadership roles for the first couple decades of my life, out of the fear of failing or disappointing people.

It’s important to note that because 7-31 is a Projected Channel, this particular “flavor” of energy requires waiting to be recognized and invited before sharing your leadership gifts with others.

Another thing I love about this Channel is that my clients have this leadership energy enhanced in their own Design when working with me. I especially love helping my clients and students step into their own leadership role within their industry and community.

6. With an Open Solar Plexus Center

Not only is my Solar Plexus Energy Center undefined, but I have 0 of 7 Gate activations in my Solar Plexus (the bottom right triangle on the BodyGraph chart). The Solar Plexus governs emotional energy, and because of my lack of definition, I’m not an overly emotional person by nature and I don’t generally have strong moods apropos of nothing.

However, when I do get emotional, it can hit me like a freight train. With no Gate activations to “filter” emotional energy through, it can be an all-or-nothing situation for me. My open Solar Plexus also means I absorb and amplify the emotional energy of people around me, which can be incredibly overwhelming at times (especially before I was aware of what was happening).

Developing emotional intelligence and emotional regulation has been a big theme of not just my entrepreneurial journey, but my personal life as well.

7. With Gate 62.2 as My Conscious Mercury Gate

Each of the Gates activated in your Design has been activated by a specific planet or celestial object. The themes of each planet (for example, Earth represents balance and grounding) corresponds to the ways that the particular energy/gift of that Gate is meant to be utilized or will show up in your life.

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, so understanding your two Mercury Gates (one Conscious and one Unconscious Gate) can highlight some of big the themes you are designed to communicate in this lifetime.

My Conscious Mercury Gate is Gate 62: The Gate of Details, and it has a Line 2 (Hermit Archetype) activation. Yes, that’s a lot of HD mumbo-jumbo, so what does it actually mean?

The gift of Gate 62 is the ability to explain and communicate complex details clearly and simply. This is something that’s always come very naturally to me (stemming from my Line 2), and is apparent in the way I describe and breakdown the complex concepts of Human Design. In fact, I often hear this as one of the biggest compliments inside my programs — that the way I explain things “just makes sense”.

8. With the Juxtaposition Cross of Stillness

My Incarnation Cross, representing my life path and purpose, is called the Juxtaposition Cross of Stillness and is comprised of Gate 52: Stillness, Gate 58: Vitality, Gate 21: The Huntress, and Gate 48: Depth.

Gate 52: Stillness is my Conscious Sun Gate and therefore one of the strongest and most dominant energies and gifts in my Design. Gate 52 is nicknamed the “Buddha Gate”, and as you can imagine, it’s all about centering into a place of stillness. Because of this, I find I’m happiest when meditating, relaxing (preferably horizontally!), or simply being still in my own energy.

In my business, my best clarity and insights usually come to me in moments of stillness when not much is going on physically, mentally, or emotionally. I can rarely get through a single 10-minute shower without 2-3 new ideas coming to me while I’m washing my hair.

With the Juxtaposition Cross of Stillness as my life purpose, I’m designed to provide sage wisdom and advice to others from a place of stillness, when invited in. This totally matches with my Energy Type as a Projector, and has always been a large focus in my business(es).

And there you have it, my friend!

Those are 8 tangible ways my Human Design impacts and is infused into my business.

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