What’s Your Aligned Content Style? Based on Your Type

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July 13, 2023

Hi! I’m Krista.
Human Design educator, 4/1 Projector, mom to a three-year-old Manifestor named Maddie, and huge fan of Dramione fan-fiction.
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Content marketing is one of my favorite applications of Human Design for entrepreneurs. So much of your Design impacts the way you’re meant to express yourself, share your gifts, and impact your community. In this post, we’ll explore your aligned content style and strengths based on your HD Energy Type. I’ve also included a simple but powerful content prompt for each Type.

What's your aligned content style based on your HD Energy Type?

Your Aligned Content Style Based on Your Type

Projector: The Soul Seer

You are designed to go deep rather than wide with your content. Instead of trying to appeal to more people by creating generic content on numerous topics, get laser-focused and go deep.

Your most impactful content comes about when you focus on making your audience feel seen, heard, and understood.

Content Prompt for Projectors:

What does your ideal client need to hear today?

Manifestor: The Fiery Activator

Your content might just be the spark that ignites a rebellion. Sometimes your spark will lead to a global movement, and other times it creates one micro-shift for one person. Both are perfect.

Your best content happens when you shake things up, boldly share your truth, and activate a bigger vision for your audience.

Content Prompt for Manifestors:

Where does your ideal client need a dose of tough love?

Generator: The Prolific Creator

You can create more masterfully and prolifically than anyone else. Especially when you focus on topics that light you up and spark a resounding “Yes!” in your gut.

Your most magnetic and impactful content is created in response to something in your external environment. This might be a question, a conversation, a magazine article, an Instagram post you stumble across… It can truly be anything, as long as it’s happening outside of you.

Content Prompt for Generators:

What step-by-step process can you share that would benefit your ideal client today?

Manifesting Generator: The Magnetic Creatrix

You’re a bit of a rebel. Your most impactful content comes about when you break away from established norms, question the status quo, and dare to do things differently.

If you’re multi-passionate, don’t feel like you have to stick to one topic or “content pillar”. You don’t need a niche; you are the niche. Let your gut response guide you to the topics that are right for you.

Content Prompt for Mani-Gens:

What rule does your ideal client need to ditch?

Reflector: The Wise Mirror

You are naturally wise and attuned to the cycles of life. You are an example of what it means to be a limitless being.

Your most impactful content highlights where your audience is imbalanced, unhealthy, or misaligned. You don’t necessarily have to solve these issues directly; you are simply the mirror, reflecting back your ideal client’s truth so they know what needs to change.

Content Prompt for Reflectors:

What’s the number one way your ideal client is currently out of alignment?

Over to you, friend! Now that you know your aligned content style based on your Energy Type, it’s time to grab your fave pen and get to work. Infuse your natural energy and strengths into your content to elevate your impact, attract dream clients, and grow your coaching business.

If you’d like to go deeper into exploring your aligned content style based on your Human Design, you’ll love the Magnetic Content HD Blueprint. ⬇️

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