Your Biggest Superpowers as a Manifestor Coach

Your Superpowers as a Manifestor Coach

July 20, 2023

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What are your strengths, gifts, and superpowers as a Manifestor coach?

Manifestors are here to be innovative leaders, visionaries who are inspired to bring new things to life. When you embrace your natural energy, gifts, and purpose as a Manifestor, you elevate your coaching skills and effortlessly attract your dream clients.

Here are six of your biggest superpowers as a Manifestor coach. πŸ‘‡

Your Biggest Superpowers as a Manifestor Coach - Soul & Sage

Your Superpowers as a Manifestor Coach

1. Initiating

Your role in the collective is to receive “divine downloads” β€” a creative urge or a vision for things that you want to bring to life. And then rather than being the person who does every single step along the way to bring that vision fully to life, your role is really just the initiating step; you’re here to get the ball rolling.

By sharing your big ideas and sharing your vision, you’re basically providing the spark that will then bring about something new. You are the only Energy Type who is designed to initiate rather than wait for something outside of you to happen (Projectors have to wait for an invitation and Generators have to wait for something to respond to).

2. Innovation

Another of your biggest superpowers as a Manifestor coach is your gift of innovation. You’re not here to do things the traditional way. You have these divine downloads, these moments of inspiration, that lead us to do things in a different way. You are here to innovate and help create something brand new and freshβ€”and therefore help us evolve as a collective.

3. Visionary/Holding the Vision

You are the person who creates and holds the bigger vision. This is obviously a huge strength for yourself and for your business, as you are visioning and mapping out what you want your dream business to look like and your dream life to look like.

This is also a really powerful gift that you can use with your coaching clients. Not only can you come up with and hold your own vision, but you can help your clients come up with and hold the vision for their dream life, dream business, whatever it is that you’re coaching them on.

4. Bold Leadership

You are a natural leader who was born to lead. I like to think of it as a “bold leadership”, vs. let’s say, the Projector Energy Type, who often have a more soft, quiet style of leadership. Whereas Manifestor energy is very bold, it’s very impactful, it’s big. People can feel your energy when you walk into a room.

It can be a love-it-or-hate-it type thing. So the right people are going to love you, and they’re going to want to be in your energy, they’re going to want to get behind you, they’re going to want to follow you and support you and work with you. And then there’s some people that won’t. You just won’t be their cup of tea. And that’s fine, right? It’s okay to not be for everybody.

5. Independence + Self-Sufficiency

Another of your superpowers as a Manifestor is that you don’t necessarily need other people to be happy or to feel satisfied, content, or fulfilled in your life. My daughter is a Manifestor, and although I wouldn’t say she’s incredibly independent yet (she’s only two and a half) she wants to do as many things on her own as she can. She gets angry when she tries to do something and it doesn’t work and she needs someone else’s help.

This independence is a huge strength for Manifestors, but it also can be something that introduces challenges in your life and business. The key is to recognize that yes, you don’t need anyone else. Yes, you are very independent and self sufficient. However, it’s not wrong to ask for help.

It’s not wrong to have people supporting you in your business and life. It’s not wrong to have people come in and help you bring your visions to life. You don’t have to be the person that’s doing it all by yourself all the time.

6. You tell it like it is

One thing I really really love about Manifestors is they’re very straight-shooting. When you’re giving advice to your clients, or let’s say creating a piece of content in your business, the advice and wisdom you give people is very tell-it-like-it-is. You’re not sugarcoating anything. You’re happy to just give it to people straight.

Clients or potential clients who really liked that in a coach are going to love you. They’re going to love your no-BS content, and they’re going to want to work with you. Because they don’t want the fluff, right? They don’t want you to coddle them; they want you to say, “Okay, here’s what I see. Here’s what’s not working and here are some options to help you fix that so we can move forward”.

So there you have it, those are six of your biggest superpowers as a Manifestor coach. I hope you found this helpful!

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