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Simplifying Human Design for Coaches

Ready to weave Human Design into your coaching business to amplify your impact *and* your income?

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real talk time:

Learning Human Design isn’t exactly easy.

You've been bootstrapping your knowledge together from a million different places, but you're more confused and overwhelmed than ever.

You have a pretty good understanding of your own Human Design, but interpreting your clients' charts? That's a whole different story.

Sound familiar?

good news!

Making Human Design practical & simple is what I do.

Let's join forces so you can confidently use Human Design to guide your clients to their next big breakthrough—and say "hey girl, hey!" to coaching that's powerful, personalized, and profitable.

here's what jenny had to say about working with me:

“Krista’s readings didn’t feel cookie cutter at all, which can definitely be the case with other Human Design readings.”

"I recently brought Krista into one of my coaching programs to provide personalized readings for my clients, and not only were the readings well organized and highly detailed, but she also took the time to understand what my clients needed most given what they were working on in the program.

Her expertise is highly valuable and highly recommended if you’re looking to take your coaching or online courses to the next level with Human Design and want a trusted expert to help you!"

Jenny Paul, Transformational Business Coach
Jenny Paul,
Business Coach

Let’s Revolutionize Your Business with Human Design

Whether you want to use Human Design in your coaching sessions, elevate your marketing with an HD-aligned makeover, or bring me into one of your programs to share the magic of Human Design with your clients, there's something here for everyone coach. ;)

here's how i can help:

Ready to Revolutionize Your Business with Human Design?

The Blueprint


Use Human Design to create content that captivates, connects, and converts into dreamy clients sliding into your DMs asking how they can work with you.

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Guest Teaching


Let's team up and bring Human Design to your clients, students, or community with a completely customized guest expert training created by yours truly.

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Meet the only HD training program created exclusively for coaches who want to use Human Design to make their work more personalized and impactful.

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Human Design for Coaches

The Online Training Program

Save yourself the confusion of trying to piece together your HD knowledge from random sources online. Join the program that not only makes Human Design easy to understand but gives you practical coaching tools you can use with your clients right away. 

6 course modules + bonuses

go at your own pace

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6 course modules + downloadable guides

self-study so you can go at your own pace

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Human Design Guest Teaching

Bespoke Human Design Trainings

Don't have the time, energy, or brain space to learn the entire Human Design system yourself? Allow me to put together a completely customized Human Design workshop, module, or set of private readings to serve your clients exactly where they're at.


kick-off collaborative brainstorming session

always 100% tailored to your clients

let's team up

kick-off brainstorming session

live or recorded training(s)

100% tailored to your clients

The Magnetic Content Blueprint

Content Marketing by Design

Get your one-of-a-kind HD blueprint for creating content that establishes you as an expert and authority, positions your offers as an easy "yes", and attracts dream clients every day. Simply enter your birth date, time, and city—I'll handle the rest.

beautiful 40+ page pdf blueprint

actionable content marketing strategies

30-40+ customized content PROMPTS

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40+ page pdf blueprint

actionable strategies

40-50+ customized PROMPTS