Your Superpowers as a Mani-Gen Coach

your superpowers as a manifesting generator coach

July 20, 2023

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Hey Mani-Gen! Wondering what your strengths, gifts, and superpowers as a Manifesting Generator coach are? This post is for you.

Here are six of your biggest coaching superpowers based on your Human Design. 👇

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Your Superpowers as a Manifesting Generator Coach | Human Design for Coaches with Soul & Sage

Your Superpowers as a Manifesting Generator Coach

1. Breaking the rules

You’re a little bit of a rebel, aren’t you? 😉

You do things your own special way. And that’s aligned for you, because Mani-Gens are designed to question and push up against the norms—whether that’s norms in your industry, societal norms, the prescribed way of being and living, maybe even authority figures.

You’re here to go against the conventional, traditional, well-tread path and to forge your own unique path.

Sometimes this involves breaking some of the “rules”. And I don’t mean like breaking the law, but maybe you like to break the quote-unquote rules in your business. Maybe you break the rules in the way that you coach your clients. Maybe you go against what a lot of other “experts” in your industry say or do. And if so, that is perfectly aligned for you.

2. Efficiency + Shortcuts

You have this natural gift of looking at something you need to accomplish and figuring out which steps in that process you can skip over. And then you skip over them and get to the end result faster.

This means you often work very efficiently and can get things done quickly. However, I will say that sometimes this can backfire a little bit. A lot of the time, you skip over a step and it’s fine, nothing bad happens. But sometimes you might find that you get to the end of that process (or at least further down the road) and you realize that it was a mistake to skip over that one step back near the beginning.

Then you have to backtrack, right? You have to go back, redo that step, and maybe even some of the other step.

So yes, this efficiency is a big gift and something you can absolutely share with and use to benefit your clients. However, my piece of advice is to stay tuned in to your Sacral Response, that feeling in your gut that’s giving you a yes or a no.

Check in with your gut response whenever you’re about to skip over a step or merge some steps together. And if your Sacral is like, yep, this is good—then keep going. If not, maybe that’s a sign you shouldn’t skip over that step and need to reconsider.

3. Natural Charisma

I LOVE listening to Mani-Gens talk. Especially Mani-Gens who are in the zone, in flow, tuned in to their own gifts and energy, and showing up and expressing themselves authentically.

As a Mani-Gen, you’re super charismatic, and even more so if you have Channel 34-20: Charisma defined. This is the only Channel that connects the Sacral Center directly to the Throat Center.

Take a look at your chart; if you have Channel 34-20 defined (meaning it will be colored in vs. white), you are what’s called a “Pure Manifesting Generator”. If so, you are designed to keep yourself busy doing things you love and when you do, you are dripping in charisma and people can’t get enough.

4. Warmth and magnetism

As a Mani-Gen, your aura is naturally magnetic. This is why your Strategy as a Manifesting Generator is to Respond versus Initiate.

As a Mani-Gen, you have a warm, magnetic, open, and inviting aura that draws things to you all the time. People, experiences, relationships, opportunities, all sorts of things. And then you get to respond to those things with your gut yes/no response (aka with your Sacral Center).

You don’t need to initiate anything, because everything that is meant for you will be magnetized to you via your open and inviting aura. Your role is to get clear on what you desire, trust that it will come to you, and then simply pay attention to your Sacral Response as new things enter your field of awareness, and follow its yes/no guidance.

5. Speaking + Communication

All Manifesting Generators have a connection (a defined channel) between the Throat Center and at least one of the four Motor Centers in the BodyGraph chart. The four Motors are the Sacral, Heart/Ego, Solar Plexus, or Root.

The Throat Center, of course, governs our communication and speech. As a Mani-Gen, you automatically have a defined Throat Center, and your Throat is powered by at least one of the four Motor Centers.

This means you likely have a consistent style of communication, and that at your core, you are designed to speak. You are meant to share your gifts and knowledge with others through the power of your voice.

To figure out some of the key themes you’re meant to share and communicate, you can look at the energetic themes of whatever Motor Center is connected to your Throat Center. For example, if your Solar Plexus is connected to the Throat Center, you are designed to communicate via your emotions, moods, and desires, and your speech may often be colored by your emotions.

6. Energy, Endurance, Creativity

You are here to build and create new things. You have unparalleled energy and endurance, and when you’re doing things you love, you truly can go all day if you want to. You might be able to work with a lot of clients at once, or facilitate a lot of coaching calls back to back, if that feels aligned for you.

On top of that, if you’re living according to your Strategy and only pursuing things that are a yes in your gut, you actually generate energy that other people around you can pick up on. This is where the word “Generator” in the Manifesting Generator name comes from. Pretty cool, right?

So there you have it, my friend! Those are six of your biggest strengths as a Manifesting Generator coach.

These are all things you can bring into the work you do with your clients, as well as the way that you market your business and attract people into your coaching packages.

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