Your Biggest Superpowers as a Reflector Coach

Your Superpowers as a Reflector Coach - Soul & Sage

July 20, 2023

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In this post we’re wrapping up our series on each Energy Type’s superpowers as a coach, based on their unique purpose and energetic design. Today we’re looking at the Reflector, the most rare Energy Type making up just 1-2% of the population. Without further ado, here are six of your biggest superpowers as a Reflector coach. ⬇️

Your Biggest Superpowers as a Reflector Coach

Your Superpowers as a Reflector Coach

1. Identifying imbalance, injustice, or inequality

Reflectors are designed to point out what needs to be corrected on a larger scale. So maybe it’s something going on within a community you’re in, or in the workplace, or in a specific industry. You are here to point out where things are going wrong or where they’re not working so that those things can be corrected.

Often your role is just to point those things out. You don’t necessarily have to be the person who also explains how to fix whatever is broken, or do the actual work of correcting the issue. Your role is to be a mirror reflecting back where something’s imbalanced, unhealthy, or where there is some kind of injustice going on—and then allow other people to come in and do the work to correct those problems.

2. Mirroring your client’s truth back to them

You’re a mirror; that’s why you’re called a Reflector! You reflect your client’s truth back to them.

Reflectors naturally sample other people’s energy; their emotions, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, ideas, identity, fears, even their health and well-being. It’s almost like you’re “tasting” other people’s auras with your own. And then you can reflect those things back to your client.

Specifically, you can help your client see what’s authentic and aligned for them, where they’re going wrong, what they’re doing that’s unhealthy, and where they need to course correct. And then, of course, you can give them guidance and coach them to make the changes they need to make.

3. A sense of joy, delight, and wonder

When you’re in alignment with your energy as a Reflector, you experience this sense of joy, delight, and wonder at the world around you. You love to enjoy all the surprises of life and are delighted at the variety of experiences the world offers you.

Beyond that, Reflectors are not meant to be invisible. You are designed to be at the heart of things—the heart of a community, the center of a circle or gathering. This is where you need to be so that you can sample different energies and then reflect them back to other people/the community.

4. Flexibility + Adaptability

Reflectors are very flexible and adaptable, and this is something you need to understand and embrace about yourself rather than fight against. As an entrepreneur, you might feel like you’re “inconsistent”. Because maybe you can’t always show up in your business the same way all the time. That’s because you’re not meant to.

You’re meant to be very flexible and adaptable. You’re like an energetic chameleon because you change so much from day to day. You change depending on what’s going on with the transit of the planets and the moon. You change depending on the people you’re around and the environment you’re in.

Everything is shifting for you all the time. But this is also a huge strength because it means you can basically mesh well with just about anyone. You can fit into any situation and get along with anyone because your identity and energy is so flexible.

Now, one tip I’ll give you here is to learn about the planetary transits. And specifically, how the transits of the planets affect your particular Human Design chart and energy from day to day.

Start with the moon/lunar cycle. Chart how the moon’s transit over its 29-day cycle lights up or activates different parts of your Design, and note what that means for your energy. Some days you might feel like you have specific Energy Centers activated because of the Moon’s current Gate activations. However, this doesn’t mean you should disregard your Strategy and Lunar Authority, and start acting like a Manifestor, Projector, etc.

5. You’re an example of true limitlessness

Because you’re so flexible in every way, you really can be, do, and have anything. There are no limits to what you can create and receive.

Reflectors embody and exemplify this sense of limitlessness in a way that inspires the rest of us to see and reach for our own limitless potential, too. In this way, living in alignment with your Human Design will also positively impact the people in your community and inner circle.

6. Resilience

Superpower number six is resilience. This almost seems counterintuitive because if you look at a Reflector’s chart, what actually makes them a Reflector is that they have all nine Energy Centers undefined. And our undefined or “open” Energy Centers are where we absorb and amplify energy from people around us.

So you would think that with nine undefined Centers, Reflectors would take in other people’s energy deeply all the time. But actually reflectors have a “resistant” aura that functions like a protective mechanism. In contrast to a Projector, a Reflector doesn’t sample other people’s energy very deeply.

Think of it as like a little sampler plate you can get at a restaurant. You get a sample tray of mini wine glasses or mini beer glasses, or even a sample platter of food. And you have a little taste of everything— a little taste here, a little sip here, a small bite there. If you like a certain food, you eat more or you order a full plate of it. If you don’t like it, then you don’t eat any more.

That’s essentially what Reflectors do with energy; they have little “tastes” of energy from the people around them. Just small bites. For this reason, as a Reflector you’re actually not being heavily conditioned by other people’s energy. You’re very resilient to whatever is thrown your way and resistant to external conditioning, thanks to your protective aura.

So those are six of your biggest superpowers as a Reflector coach. If you’re a Reflector, let me know how this all resonated with you. And to read the other posts in this series, click the links below:

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