Coaching Hacks Based on Your Client’s Energy Type

How to Coach Your Client More Effectively Based on their Human Design Energy Type

July 10, 2023

Hey! I’m Krista.
Human Design Reader, Harry Potter fan-fic lover, and 4/1 Projector who's obsessed with helping you make your coaching more powerful, personalized, and profitable.
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You’re a world-class coach.⁠

You care about your clients and want the best for them—and you know that what’s best for each client isn’t following in your exact footsteps but paving their own unique path.⁠

This is where Human Design comes in.⁠

Human Design is an incredibly powerful tool for helping your clients live in alignment with their individual gifts, energy, and purpose.⁠ Tailoring your coaching style and suggestions to your client’s energy type can create miracle-style shifts and lightning-fast results.⁠

I truly believe that EVERY. SINGLE. COACH. will benefit from having Human Design in their coaching tool belt.

To get started, here are some hacks and quick tips to help you coach your client more powerfully based on their Human Design Energy Type. 👇

How to Coach Your Clients More Powerfully & Effectively Based on their Human Design Energy Type | Human Design for Coaches with Soul & Sage

How to Coach Your Clients Based on Their Type

🎨 How to Coach Your Client Who’s a Generator

  • Teach your client how to connect to their gut yes/no response (via their Sacral Center) and practice discerning what a Yes and a No feel like in their body
  • Encourage them to pursue their passions and what lights them up, regardless of what anyone else says or does
  • Remind them that they don’t need to initiate (only respond!) and that everything that’s meant for them will come their way. Patience and trust is key.

🔥 How to Coach Your Client Who’s a Manifestor

  • Offer suggestions and options, but don’t ever directly tell your client what to do (they won’t like it!)
  • Encourage them to follow their creative urges, no matter how random or irrelevant they seem
  • Remind them that even though they are capable of doing things on their own, they don’t always have to — it’s okay to lean on others for support

👑 How to Coach Your Client Who’s a Mani-Gen

  • Help them discard all preconceived notions of what their life is “supposed” to look like and instead, forge their own unique path
  • Teach your client how to connect to their gut yes/no response (via their Sacral Center) and practice discerning what a Yes and a No
  • Encourage them to pursue the things that excite and energize them, prioritizing these activities above all else

🦉 How to Coach Your Client Who’s a Projector

  • Reiterate the importance of rest and alone time—often and proactively. This is the Projector’s life blood.
  • Encourage your client to show up, share their magic, and then trust that the right people will see the value they can provide and invite them to share their wisdom more deeply
  • Help your client implement systems and expand their support network so that they can work smarter, not harder (ideally around 15-20 hours/week maximum!)

🪞 How to Coach Your Client Who’s a Reflector

  • Guide your client in confidently leaving situations, relationships, or environments where they feel stagnant, energetically drained, or not like “themselves”
  • Remind them of the importance of patience and not rushing big decisions. For the Reflector, clarity comes over time (learn about Lunar Authority and the 6 other HD Authorities here).
  • Plan a fun surprise for your client! e.g., an unexpected delivery, calling the restaurant and picking up their tab when you know they’re out for dinner. Reflectors love to be surprised!

Want more advice for coaching with Human Design? These quick tips and hacks are just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg (pun intended 😉).

If you’re ready to dive deep into the world of Human Design, you’ll love my signature Human Design for Coaches program. Learn the Human Design system—without the overwhelm—and use it to confidently guide your clients to their next big breakthrough. Tap the image below to learn more! 👇

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